Data Science in Systems Biology

Bioinformatics acts and functions only as a bridge science, linking biology, medicine and computer science as well as the increasingly important field of data science. There are enormous challenges to overcome here, particularly in systems biology. More and more molecular data is being collected here that needs to be analysed. The heterogeneity of the data is unprecedented and encompasses many different levels of cellular mechanisms, which are recorded using multi-omics data. Harnessing and interpreting this data requires advances in machine learning, data integration, visualisation and analysis. For the latter, we would like to involve the experts and create new approaches for explorative analyses (human in the loop).



The kick-off meeting for the DyHealthNet project, held in Feldthurns (Italy) from February 1-3, 2024, was a collaborative effort involving the project…

Prof. Dr. Markus List has accepted the professorship for "Data Science in Systems Biology" and took up his position at the Department of Molecular…


Associated Research Groups

Group name Lead Contact
Computational Lipidomics (LipiTUM) Dr. Josch Pauling (TUM Junior Fellow) josch.pauling(at)


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The group Data Science in Systems Biology collaborates closely with two guest professors and fellows of the IAS: