Welcome to the group for Computational Mass Spectrometry

The group for Computational Mass Spectrometry comprises an international research team of informaticians, headed by Prof. Dr. Mathias Wilhelm. They investigate how mass spectrometric data can be better understood, made usable for the broad scientific community and how findings from it can be translated into research and clinical practice. To this end, they develop platforms and tools for scientists to evaluate, analyze and interpret their own data in an integrative manner. For this, they uses state-of-the-art methods from computer science, such as in-memory databases and neural networks.

Mathias Wilhelm studied bioinformatics (B.Sc.) and informatics in the natural sciences (M.Sc.) at the University Bielefeld. After an employment at the Harvard Medical School in the Children’s Hospital Boston in the group of Dr. Hanno Steen, he started his PhD in computational proteomics at the TUM. In 2017, he became the bioinformatics group leader at the Chair of Proteomics and Bioanalytics. In 2021, Mathias Wilhelm was appointed to the professorship for Computational Mass Spectrometry at TUM. He is a co-founder of the biotech companies OmicScouts and MSAID, both opperating in the field of proteomics.

Mathias Wilhelm was the lead bioinformatician of the ProteomeTools project, leads the DIAS project, is a principle investigator of the PROTrEIN interdisciplinary research and training network and the internal graduate school that will decipher the Proteomes that Feed the World and is associated with the CLINSPECT-M (part of MSCoreSys) consortium.