Proteomes that feed the world were grant-ed!

Preparing and measuring no less than the 100 most important crop proteomes takes quite a while and a lot of money, but the latter just became slightly less of a problem thanks to the new Elitenetzwerk Bayern grant.

Twelve TUM scientists included in Highly Cited Researchers rankings - Congrats Bernhard!

Twelve researchers at TUM are among the world's most cited scientists. Their names can be found in the latest Highly Cited Researchers rankings.

New Analytical Chemistry Paper: Identification of 7 000–9 000 Proteins from Cell Lines and Tissues by Single-Shot Microflow LC–MS/MS

A current trend in proteomics is to acquire data in a “single-shot” by LC–MS/MS because it simplifies workflows and promises better throughput and quantitative accuracy than schemes that involve extensive sample fractionation. However, single-shot approaches can suffer from limited proteome coverage…

New Nature Publication: Deep learning boosts sensitivity of mass spectrometry-based immunopeptidomics

Characterizing the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) bound ligandome by mass spectrometry (MS) holds great promise for developing vaccines and drugs for immune-oncology. Still, the identification of non-tryptic peptides presents substantial computational challenges. To address these, we synthesized and…

New Co-Authorship Publication in Nature: Multilevel proteomics reveals host perturbations by SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV

The emergence and global spread of SARS-CoV-2 has resulted in the urgent need for an in-depth understanding of molecular functions of viral proteins and their interactions with the host proteome. Several individual omics studies have extended our knowledge of COVID-19 pathophysiology. Integration of…

Chemoproteomics and Mass Spectrometry Imaging Call 2021


New Publication in ACS Chemical Biology: Chemical Phosphoproteomics Sheds New Light on the Targets and Modes of Action of AKT Inhibitors

Due to its important roles in oncogenic signaling, AKT has been subjected to extensive drug discovery efforts leading to small molecule inhibitors investigated in advanced clinical trials. To better understand how these drugs exert their therapeutic effects at the molecular level, we combined…