Antibacterial Discovery

Our aim to understand the mechanisms used by culturable and unculturable phages to infect pathogens that are listed as a high priority for the development of novel antibiotics by the WHO to develop novel phage-derived antibacterial (supported by ERC).

Fighting against co-infection in the lung

Our is to develop novel phage-based therapeutics to mitigate secondary lung infection in COVID-19 patients (supported by BMBF)


Understanding the functional and regulating role of viruses, specifically phages, in the human body to understand their role in human health as well as harnessing their power in manipulating the microbiome in dysbiosis-associated diseases (supported DFG including SFB/CRC 1370)

Phage-host relationships studies

Developing in silico, in vitro, and ex vivo tools to study the complex interactions between phages and bacteria in the human body for future therapeutic implications (supported by DFG including Emmy Noether program, SPP 2330, as well as Homboldt foundation and EU ITN)