Bachelor and Master Students

MSc and BSc students interested in an internship or MSc/BSc thesis are always welcome. Projects can be a mix of lab and computer work and in many cases can be adapted to personal interests.

Note for applications:

  • The master's theses, bachelor's theses as well as research internships that we offer are full-time projects with full-day attendance (therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to carry them out during lectures).

  • Study programs: Biology, Biochemistry, Mol. Biotechnology

  • Due to the high effort of familiarization with the S2/Infection area, a minimum of 6 weeks of internship should be completed.

  • Please send your application with cover letter, curriculum vitae as well as current proof of performance to Judith Brehme .

  • Documents in English are preferred.

  • Applications for Master's theses and Bachelor's theses can be submitted at any time.

We currently have the following positions available at our partner Helmholtz Munich:

Bachelor and Master Project in Microbiome Manipulation | Helmholtz Zentrum München | 2060 (

Bachelor or Master Thesis in Phage Therapy Approaches | Helmholtz Zentrum München | 2062 (