Phospho-tyrosine mediated interactome of receptor tyrosine kinases

Project Members:

Runsheng Zheng, Chen Meng

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Runsheng Zheng

The human proteome contains 58 receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) which are cell surface receptors involved in multiple signaling events. The activation of receptors via growth factors or ligands introduce the phosphorylation of intracellular tyrosine residues, which in turn recruit various effector proteins to propagate the signals to the downstream signaling cascades to regulate cell proliferation and differentiation, etc. The aberrant activation or mutation of the receptors is well-recognized as an essential factor of leading to disease development including cancer.


Systematically studying the interaction partners of wild type as well as gain of function tyrosine phosphorylated residues in RTKs will expand our knowledge on signalling downstream of RTKs in signaling. To this end, we are profiling the phosphotyrosine interactomes of RTKs using synthetic peptides as affinity probes in conjunction with  high resolution mass spectrometry.