Best poster award for Gönül

Congratulation to our postdoctoral researcher Dr. Gönül Dündar for winning the best poster award at the 4th International Brassinosteroid Conference in Ghent, Belgium! See more here.

Congratulations!: Pablo wins the Dr. Heinrich-Baur Preis 2022

Dr. Pablo Albertos, a former postdoctoral researcher at our professorship, wins the Dr. Heinrich Baur prise 2022. Find the details here.

Brigitte speaks at a 200 years Gregor Mendel anniversary symposium in Vienna

Brigitte will speak at the Science to Public Symposium '200 years Gregor Mendel: of peas, cows and people‘ at the BOKU in Vienna on the 11th of March 2022. For information on how to join the conference online click here.

More evidence for BR-GA cross-talk published in Plant Physiology

In a new study, our group reveals that the plant steroids brassinosteroids can induce catabolism of the gibberellins, with significance for different developmental processes, including leaf growth and flowering time control. The work was published last week in Plant Physiology.

New Ph.D. graduate school granted and starting in October!

A new Ph.D. graduate program was awarded to the TUM called 'The Proteomes that Feed the World‘, which will elucidate the proteomes of the 100 most important food crops of our planet. We are recruiting Ph.D. students for this program now. For more information see here.

New paper on heat stress resistance published in The EMBO Journal

A paper of our group on how plants can cope with heat stress was published in The EMBO Journal. It shows that plant can increase their capacity to survive heat-induced damage, through the activity of the plant hormones brassinosteroids. For more information see here. 

Congratulations Veronica!

Our dearest congratulations to our Ph.D. student Veronica Ramirez, for winning a price at the Bioökonomie Camp last week!