ZIEL – Institute for Food & Health is an integrated and collaborative research center at the Techical University of Munich dedicated to implement interdisciplinary human research at the edge of Food, Nutrition and Medicine. Gut Health with a strong emphasis on the Microbiome and Metabolism are key research areas at ZIEL integrating scientific excellence at the Technical University of Munich. Core expertises are professionalized in the frame of Core Facilities generating synergisms in areas of high-throughput sequencing (microbiome), gnotobbiotic mouse housing, food processing and human intervention across disciplines and faculties.

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Scientific Excellence at the edge of Nutrition and Health

The ZIEL – Institute for Food & Health provides a comprehensive platform to integrate interdisciplinary research at the edge of Food Science, Nutrition and Medicine at TUM. ZIEL aims at translating basic science into human relevance focused on questions related to food in modulating gut and metabolic health. A major objective is to understand the functional role of the gut microbiome as a key mechanism between health and disease.