PTM integration - BA, MA, Internship - Kuster Lab

Title: PTM integration and visualization into ProteomicsDB

Type: [BA, MA, internship]

Category: [ UI | DB ]

Programming language: [ SQL, JS ]

Language: [ English ]

Prior experience: [ experience with SQL and SQL script is required, experience with JS is a plus, biological experience not required ]

Complexity/Risk: [ low | medium ]

Contact person: Matthew The

Brief background description (couple of sentences + literature): Post-translational modifications (PTM) play a very important role in cell signaling and other functions of proteins, i.e. marking them for degradation. Proteomics is currently the only technology that is able to investigate PTMs in an unbiased and large scale manner. While ProteomicsDB was designed to host and visualize proteomics data, datasets containing PTM information require additional processing during import, storage and visualization due to the added uncertainty of where potential modifications are located within a peptide and thus protein.

Brief description of the project (couple of sentences): The goal of this project is to extend the capabilities of ProteomicsDB to handle and visualize PTM data of varying complexity. Different projects can be tailored in this context to your specific interests, focusing on e.g. UI or data processing using our connected Prosit engine. You will be working in a full production environment and your work will be available online to the scientific community afterwards.

Expected result: Deployable extension of ProteomicsDB which is available on the production instance of ProteomicsDB after your project. Our data is shared regularly with other resources, so the integration of PTMs will positively affect not only ProteomicsDB, but other resources as well.