Metabolic reprogramming during aging

Dr. Britta Spanier

Aging is a dynamic process that comprises tissue-specific modulation of gene expression and metabolic status. We are combining genetic model organisms (Caenorhabditis elegans, Mus musculus) with in vitro analysis in human cells to chart the role of nuclear hormone receptors (NHR) as transcriptional and metabolic regulators in aging and longevity.

Literature Dr. Spanier


PhD students

  • Zhanhua Xing

Master students

  • Anna Kvindt (Nutrition and Biomedicine, 2021)
  • Marion Rothner (Nutrition and Biomedicine, 2020)

Bachelor students

  • Johanna Pisek (Biology, 2023)
  • Caroline Rex (Nutritional Science, 2023)
  • Isabella Häußler (Nutritional Science, 2022) **Internal Award: Beste Bachelorarbeit 2022
  • Lea Ortmann (Nutritional Science, 2022)
  • Anna Schwarz (Nutritional Science, 2021)
  • Juliane Kupfer (Nutritional Science, 2019)