Extending the QC pipeline - BA, Internship - Kuster Lab

Title: Extending the QC pipeline

Type: BA,  internship

Category: Pipelining

Programming language: R, sql, bash

Language: [ English ]

Prior experience: [Experience with R, Experience with bash is a plus, Biological/Chemical background is not needed]

Complexity/Risk: low

Contact person: Wassim

Brief background description (couple of sentences + literature): Quality control (QC) is an essential component of any analytical technique. The goal is to monitor the performance of instruments and successful execution of wet lab workflow. In a previous master thesis, a QC tool was established that monitored more than 200 parameters of the instrument, sample and potential surrounding factors. The pipeline uses our laboratory information management system (LIMS), which automatically triggers our QC tool for quality control runs of the machines.

Brief description of the project (couple of sentences): The goal of this project is to interface our QC tool with our internal laboratory management systems (LIMS). In addition, we need to extend our pipeline to handle different types of experiments, and monitor specific peptides and proteins over time.

Expected result: Extending current pipeline to work on any type of experiment with adjustable quality control parameters. Using this tool will help every scientist in our lab to be able to keep track of their experiments and make sure that everything is running as expected.